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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter wins again

A catch in the throat,
a broach of speech,
these winter clouds
piling up in October.

How many expletives
in a plow's smoke?
Let's count.

Know this:
We will haunt the
fast food lanes
with the rest of you

when the power
and spirals out.


Well, New Hampshire has decided it would be a fun trick to snow a huge amount at the tail-end of October. The ultimate trick or treat? Anyway, according to media reports, this one is going to be a record breaker if it snows a mere 2 inches in the state capital, and this storm looks like it will produce a lot more than 2 inches. Knowing the Somersworth power grid, I doubt I will have power in the next few hours, for the next few days. Don't you just love winter, especially when it's still technically fall?

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