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Friday, February 24, 2012

A newbie's journey through Japanese: The very small archive

Here are the posts I have written so far for Nihongo Ichiban. I just completed a new one earlier this week about the first steps to learning kanji, but it seems the site's owner has taken a hiatus, seeing as his last post was last month. Until the new one goes up, here are the previous entries of my series "A newbie's journey through Japanese":

A newbie’s journey through Japanese
My first post, outlining my reasons behind wanting to learning the language.

A newbie's journey through Japanese: Step 1 -- Learn the kana
Explaining why it's important to learn kana and not use romaji as a crutch.

A newbie's journey through Japanese #3: All about Japanese podcasts
I walk readers through some of the podcasts I listen to that help increase my understanding and fluency.

Thanks, guys. I hope these are helpful.

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